2 year anniversary at Matrix…Ruary Macphie

Ruary Macphie is a well-known and greatly respected Video Director. During his career Ruary has worked with a variety of A-list artists. Two years ago, Ruary joined Matrix UK Solutions, get to know a bit more about our Touring Project Manager with our 2-minute wrap up….

Soooo, it’s your 2-year anniversary?
I have learnt a lot in my two years of being here at Matrix, working full time for a company is slightly different than constantly being on the road. It’s a good change, I like it, it’s great to work on and deliver a project with a consistent team. More importantly my family likes it – a far better work life balance!

 Do you feel you have achieved all you set out to, when you started at Matrix?
I do feel that we have achieved a large amount in a relatively small timeframe. Particularly the PPU and the significant investment with the SONY Camera channels. The PPU involved a lot of R&D and the end result has been amazing, it delivers above and beyond what we initially thought it was capable of doing.

We’ve worked with Robert Plant and Phil Collins, namely the US, New Zealand and Australian sections of Phil Collins latest “Not Dead Yet, Live” tour. Two huge names in live music – not a bad start.

 2 years on, what is the new target/game plan?
The target hasn’t changed, we will carry on trying to win music tours and become a company that Artists and their production management choose to work with.

How long have you been in the events industry?
30 years

Where did you receive your training?
I started from the bottom and have worked hard, really hard to achieve the position I have now. My grass roots were grafting in the warehouse, I then stepped up to become a Camera Technician at Samuelson Communications, W1.

Previous experience – quick overview?
With 30years under my belt, there is a lot to write about. However, I can proudly say I have delivered the following projects as a Camera Director…The Brits, Download Festival, V-Festival, Robbie Williams, Kylie, Phil Collins, Paramore, The Who, Coldplay, One Direction, Duran Duran…and many more.

As a Camera Operator, my experience includes…Sky Sports Football, Rugby, WTA Tennis and News AP CNN.

The best job you’ve delivered?
There isn’t really a “best job”, I love my job and want to deliver a great project – If the Client is happy, I’ve done what I set out to do.

The worst job you’ve delivered and why?
There isn’t one really. Obviously with the nature of live events, sometimes things don’t necessarily go according to plan but in the main, most issues are resolvable. Be honest with the management, artist and the team and there’s no reason for anyone to get upset.

What part of live events appeal to you the most?
The constant changing horizon – since starting in this industry 30yrs ago there have been a lot of changes. Technology never ceases to amaze me, the delivery you can achieve with such advances is limitless.

If you had a shopping list, what kit would you like to buy next?
D3 – definitely D3

What dream job did you want to do when you were younger?
Pilot, we all had that desire didn’t we as a young boy??

What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time?
Listen to things. When you are younger you think you know it all, listen, people give you advice and you should take the time to absorb their knowledge and experience.

What are your plans, in terms of Touring for 2019?
We have won and will be delivering the Phil Collins European Stadium Tour this summer. Also, we are stepping up technically by introducing D3 to the show.

With regard to Touring generally, work on securing more events with some fantastic artists.