Matrix UK Solutions was established in 1998 by two freelance production managers to provide technical and management services to staging companies, production services and event organisers. For the first decade we focussed on supporting production companies in traditional production management roles, and Matrix became recognised as a trusted event provider.

In 2010 we introduced new skills and experience into the team with some key appointments and started to build up our own inventory of audio-visual equipment.  As a full technical solution company, we not only supplied the technology for events, but also created CAD plans, managed set and staging and took care of logistics and scheduling.  And, as our client base expanded to include major players in the automotive industry, banking and IT, we began delivering more international projects, with events in India, The Far East and the Americas.

In 2018 we joined the Anna Valley Group. After working together on many projects over the years, combining our teams, experience and inventories has made both companies stronger and allowed us to offer a wider range of services to the events industry. Since then, we’ve continued to design and deliver events, both independently and alongside Anna Valley, always maintaining our unique Matrix approach.