Graham Whitehouse

Graham has recently taken on a role that will see him work across both Matrix and Anna Valley as the Group Asset Manager. Let’s see what Graham had to say about his new role…

Where you trained/studied
Studied for a BTEC HND in video production and media studies at the highly prestigious Dewsbury College of art and design

Where you previously worked
Blitz – Hire Co-ordinator
Bit of freelancing/Chalet Hosting/Mountain Bike Motorhome bum

What your previous roles were
Blitz – Hire Co-ordinator – Assigning equipment, Booking crew etc.
PSAV/AVC – I was working at PSAV when the two companies merged. Eventually I took the lead on a project, to merge the two companies rental software and warehouse operations.

What you started doing at Matrix
Matrix brought me in as their Hire Manager. Day to day, I managed the warehouse staff as well as kit movements.

What you particularly like doing at Matrix and now Anna Valley also
I really enjoy getting to work with my fantastic colleagues at both bases, who help to create an environment which offers new challenges every day. I find this very fulfilling as I really enjoy coming up with solutions which are both creative and logical. It’s very satisfying to be able to work closely with the software we use to help us meet the needs of our clients, and to be heavily involved with improving our internal processes which enable us to do that.

As a bit of a nomad I also enjoy working between the two locations and adjusting my outlook to suit the particular quirks of each one.

How the role developed/changed to the new one
In my previous role I was solely based at Matrix, enabling their jobs to run as smoothly as possible. It has always been the long-term plan for me to progress into a role which encompasses both companies so that our individual processes and software can be aligned more closely. This will mean that we can continue to streamline how we work together.

What you would like to achieve in this new role
In a professional capacity, I would like to further review the software and the processes we use so that we can maximise our efficiency, therefore having even more time to devote to maintaining the wonderful customer service which we are known for.

In a personal capacity, I can’t wait to improve my coding skills! I’ve been reading an incredibly big book on this topic so after slogging through all of that, it will be great to apply my newfound knowledge!