Matrix deliver bespoke LED Façade on MWC Barcelona 2019

MWC Barcelona is the largest mobile event in the world. Bringing together the latest innovation and leading-edge technology from more than 2,400 companies over four days; 25-28 February 2019. Attended by over 107,000 from more than 200 countries including almost 60% attendees of senior executive level or above.

Matrix have worked alongside GSMA for a number of years. A relationship that has seen Matrix advise, recommend and help deliver the best technical solutions, for many of GSMA’s large scale projects around the globe.

Working with GSMA and FIRA on MWC Barcelona. Matrix delivered the creative treatment to the façade of the main plenary structure – an immense space and construction was required to fulfill the brief, which included providing a total visual screening of the structure used to house the auditorium and the provision of an immersive entrance tunnel and audio system. In total Matrix designed, delivered and built a 35.5m x 7m LED wall using part of their stock inventory of 3.9mm Unilumin LED product, this was supported on a Layher scaffolding base and was fully wrapped in printed branding.

Working closely with the venue and Losberger DeBoer, Matrix not only completed all technical pre-production, but also worked on the structural specifications, this included some very specific engineering around the door portal and tunnel which combined traditional flown rigging along with custom fabricated steelwork.

The project itself included three artic trucks of technical equipment and the part-built engineered frame. When on-site a team of ten worked solidly for seven days to implement the install. When up and running over 100,000 visitors to MWC Barcelona were able to view a mix of content including messaging and program information as well as some commercial content from some of the show’s partners and exhibitors. Matrix provided both show operational crew and stand-by technicians. Everything was then removed over a two-day period.

Content was all handled byHippo v4 Boreal, switching via a Barco E2. The Matrix team worked closely with the client and the content agency, firstly providing data, pixel maps and advice on creation and design with both full screen and PIP content. Some of the content also included looping reels to ensure a specific time of day or a certain activity in the hall was as effectively displayed as possible.

Ben O’Shea, Matrix Projects Director comments “Initially the brief looked pretty straight forward…build a big LED wall. LED is second nature to Matrix. However, the engineering elements, due to the scale of the wall needed careful consideration and planning. Also working at MWC, the size and scale of the event and the congested nature of Hall 4 presented some unique logistical challenges. On-site the LED looked awesome, I’m really pleased with the design, execution and how amazing the content looked on it…look forward to do it all again in 2020”!