Matrix UK Solutions provide video support on The Sri Lankan music show

Sunday 8 September 2019 –– 1600 fans eagerly descended on the Indigo at the O2 to enjoy theSri Lankan ‘pop’ music show. This amazing event, designed to provide an essence of Sri Lankan music was headed up by Palinda Samarasinghe from Lankan Imaginative & Foremost Events Ltd.

Ruary Macphie, Touring Project Manager from Matrix UK Solutions (Matrix) ensured the correct equipment was supplied to fully enhance and deliver the content on the show. Overseen by Ruary, the team performed a thorough pre-show check of all the show equipment, an opportunity to modify, prep and test the video equipment – this took place in the warehouse of parent company Anna Valley. At this stage, the team ingested the Sri Lankan filmed footage and programmed it to 55 tracks

Ruary comments “It is essential to pre-rig and thoroughly test show equipment – this takes place as a given for all our events. However, for this particular event the accuracy of the load and kit was paramount, we had an unbelievably tight load in schedule with very early sound checks taking place on the show day. There was no room for error, everything needed to rig perfectly. Thankfully everything went to plan, we were perfectly on-time for the sound boys.”

For the actual show Matrix supplied AV3 LED fed with a Green Hippo and video capture card allowing Indigo camera pictures to be put on the screen. The LED consisted of alarge 6m x 3m backscreen, hanging off trusses further downstage, equally spaced to provide a great visual effect were 6 pods (4 x 1m x 3m and 2 x .5m x 3m) using 3 x 4k Nova star processors.

Mike Flood, Matrix Leading LED Technician comments “This was an amazing event to work on. Thanks to the team all went to plan and the vibrancy of the Sri Lankan content looked unbelievably amazing on our LED screens”.