2 year anniversary at Matrix…Ruary Macphie

Ruary Macphie is a well-known and greatly respected Video Director. During his career Ruary has worked with a variety of A-list artists. Two years ago, Ruary joined Matrix UK Solutions, get to know a bit more about our Touring Project Manager with our 2-minute wrap up….

Soooo, it’s your 2-year anniversary?
I have learnt a lot in my two years of being here at Matrix, working full time for a company is slightly different than constantly being on the road. It’s a good change, I like it, it’s great to work on and deliver a project with a consistent team. More importantly my family likes it – a far better work life balance!

 Do you feel you have achieved all you set out to, when you started at Matrix?
I do feel that we have achieved a large amount in a relatively small timeframe. Particularly the PPU and the significant investment with the SONY Camera channels. The PPU involved a lot of R&D and the end result has been amazing, it delivers above and beyond what we initially thought it was capable of doing.

We’ve worked with Robert Plant and Phil Collins, namely the US, New Zealand and Australian sections of Phil Collins latest “Not Dead Yet, Live” tour. Two huge names in live music – not a bad start.

 2 years on, what is the new target/game plan?
The target hasn’t changed, we will carry on trying to win music tours and become a company that Artists and their production management choose to work with.

How long have you been in the events industry?
30 years

Where did you receive your training?
I started from the bottom and have worked hard, really hard to achieve the position I have now. My grass roots were grafting in the warehouse, I then stepped up to become a Camera Technician at Samuelson Communications, W1.

Previous experience – quick overview?
With 30years under my belt, there is a lot to write about. However, I can proudly say I have delivered the following projects as a Camera Director…The Brits, Download Festival, V-Festival, Robbie Williams, Kylie, Phil Collins, Paramore, The Who, Coldplay, One Direction, Duran Duran…and many more.

As a Camera Operator, my experience includes…Sky Sports Football, Rugby, WTA Tennis and News AP CNN.

The best job you’ve delivered?
There isn’t really a “best job”, I love my job and want to deliver a great project – If the Client is happy, I’ve done what I set out to do.

The worst job you’ve delivered and why?
There isn’t one really. Obviously with the nature of live events, sometimes things don’t necessarily go according to plan but in the main, most issues are resolvable. Be honest with the management, artist and the team and there’s no reason for anyone to get upset.

What part of live events appeal to you the most?
The constant changing horizon – since starting in this industry 30yrs ago there have been a lot of changes. Technology never ceases to amaze me, the delivery you can achieve with such advances is limitless.

If you had a shopping list, what kit would you like to buy next?
D3 – definitely D3

What dream job did you want to do when you were younger?
Pilot, we all had that desire didn’t we as a young boy??

What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time?
Listen to things. When you are younger you think you know it all, listen, people give you advice and you should take the time to absorb their knowledge and experience.

What are your plans, in terms of Touring for 2019?
We have won and will be delivering the Phil Collins European Stadium Tour this summer. Also, we are stepping up technically by introducing D3 to the show.

With regard to Touring generally, work on securing more events with some fantastic artists.

Matrix deliver bespoke LED Façade on MWC Barcelona 2019

MWC Barcelona is the largest mobile event in the world. Bringing together the latest innovation and leading-edge technology from more than 2,400 companies over four days; 25-28 February 2019. Attended by over 107,000 from more than 200 countries including almost 60% attendees of senior executive level or above.

Matrix have worked alongside GSMA for a number of years. A relationship that has seen Matrix advise, recommend and help deliver the best technical solutions, for many of GSMA’s large scale projects around the globe.

Working with GSMA and FIRA on MWC Barcelona. Matrix delivered the creative treatment to the façade of the main plenary structure – an immense space and construction was required to fulfill the brief, which included providing a total visual screening of the structure used to house the auditorium and the provision of an immersive entrance tunnel and audio system. In total Matrix designed, delivered and built a 35.5m x 7m LED wall using part of their stock inventory of 3.9mm Unilumin LED product, this was supported on a Layher scaffolding base and was fully wrapped in printed branding.

Working closely with the venue and Losberger DeBoer, Matrix not only completed all technical pre-production, but also worked on the structural specifications, this included some very specific engineering around the door portal and tunnel which combined traditional flown rigging along with custom fabricated steelwork.

The project itself included three artic trucks of technical equipment and the part-built engineered frame. When on-site a team of ten worked solidly for seven days to implement the install. When up and running over 100,000 visitors to MWC Barcelona were able to view a mix of content including messaging and program information as well as some commercial content from some of the show’s partners and exhibitors. Matrix provided both show operational crew and stand-by technicians. Everything was then removed over a two-day period.

Content was all handled byHippo v4 Boreal, switching via a Barco E2. The Matrix team worked closely with the client and the content agency, firstly providing data, pixel maps and advice on creation and design with both full screen and PIP content. Some of the content also included looping reels to ensure a specific time of day or a certain activity in the hall was as effectively displayed as possible.

Ben O’Shea, Matrix Projects Director comments “Initially the brief looked pretty straight forward…build a big LED wall. LED is second nature to Matrix. However, the engineering elements, due to the scale of the wall needed careful consideration and planning. Also working at MWC, the size and scale of the event and the congested nature of Hall 4 presented some unique logistical challenges. On-site the LED looked awesome, I’m really pleased with the design, execution and how amazing the content looked on it…look forward to do it all again in 2020”!

Our latest recruit…Jack Cunningham

Jack Cunningham has been delivering his role as Project Manager for a few weeks now so, we thought we’d get to know a bit more about our latest recruit with a 2-minute wrap up….

Hello Jack, how are you? Great thanks, life is really good at the moment.

Settling in well and getting used to the Matrix way? Yes, obviously some of the processes are different but in the main I’ve jumped in with both feet and am still afloat so that’s good!

How long have you been in the events industry? I have been in the industry for 8 years and have been working with events for 6 and a half

What was your training in?I went to the BRIT school for performing arts and studied Technical Theatre, covering everything backstage from technical video, audio and lighting to Stage Management

What dream job did you want to do when you were younger? Hard to say but I’m sure Astronaut was top of the list as a kid!

Previous experience?After finishing my course at the BRIT school, I worked with White Light for 7.5 years working across many areas of the business. I was the Manager of the audio and video departments for some time, before finishing as a Project Manager

The best job you’ve delivered? They all tend to blur into one, the more you do. I would say any job that goes off without issues is my best job.

The worst job you’ve delivered and why? It’s always the smaller jobs! When they are smaller, you think they are easier and perhaps you become a little complacent and can miss a simple detail. I definitely spend more time checking the small jobs because of this.

What part of live events appeal to you the most? I personally enjoy the variety. Never knowing what the next day brings is something that excites me, it just so happens the people you work with tend to be great too.

What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time?Absorb as much as you can. When you first start in the industry it can be very daunting, but you have to get stuck in to learn and never stop asking questions.

What are your plans for 2019? I would like to finish the year knowing that I have accomplished enough to be proud of myself – that’s all I aim for.

Anna Valley and Matrix UK Solutions launch Graduate Trainee Scheme

LONDON – January 30, 2019– Anna Valley and Matrix UK Solutions are delighted to announce the launch of their Graduate Trainee Scheme. This joint offering is a fantastic opportunity for some of the next generation of project managers, engineers and technicians to gain invaluable hands-on experience, training and knowledge from two, firmly established, suppliers to the live event industry.

The paid positions on offer as part of the scheme will be tailored to individual candidates and include lengthy and advanced training options at both Anna Valley and Matrix.  The roles will include, but not be limited to, hands-on training and mentorship in pre-production and project management, equipment and warehouse operations and on-site delivery. The two-year placement also offers additional optional modules for candidates that would like to increase the length of their training.

Ideal candidates for the Graduate Trainee Scheme will have either completed a course related to the study of audio-visual, sound or video technology, or be due to finish these studies by the summer of 2019.  Entry is open immediately, interviews will commence in the spring and candidate placements will start in the summer of 2019.

“The best way to learn about AV technology is by working on real jobs, but it can be difficult for graduates to get an opportunity to do so, particularly on live event projects where you can’t afford to make mistakes,” said Anna Valley Technical Director, Peter Jones. “The Anna Valley and Matrix Graduate Trainee Scheme will offer a safe space for graduates to get the hands-on experience they need, under the guidance and supervision of some of the industry’s most experienced experts.  We’re excited to play a part in developing the next generation of AV talent.”

For more information click here

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Phil Collins…Australia and New Zealand

Today, 18 January 2019 is the first show day of the Phil Collins “Not dead Yet, Live” world tour, in Australia and New Zealand. From 18 January – 6 February Phil Collins and his band will visit multiple locations in Australia and New Zealand; the concerts start in Brisbane and move onto Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. They then move onto Christchurch and Napier in New Zealand.

Team Matrix will continue to provide the same equipment as the American section of the tour late last year; seven camera package (including four of our Sony HSC 100 EFP cameras), PPU with Ross Carbonite Mixer, 460panels of 5.9mm LED controlled using a Catalyst Media server and projectors. This section of the world tour is largely similar to the previous shows in America, the only difference is that there is a mixture of indoor and outdoor shows.

We wish the entire tour team, Phil Collins and his band the best of luck on their first show and indeed the entire tour in Australia and New Zealand!

📸 Patrick Balls

Phil Collins – 60 second wrap up

How did it go? Phil Collins Tour went very well – no issues what’s so ever, an amazing big tick for team Matrix.

Did the kit perform as expected? The PPU and LED is built and designed to deliver a “tour” of this calibre – it was a breeze to be honest. We also managed to produce a top technical show with a nice compact PPU.

What advice would you give? Kit needs to be contained in good well-made boxes to protect it. Cutting corners costs you time and money in the long run. Sometimes, what will be will be – go with it and if Plan A doesn’t work think on your feet and make a plan B…C…D if need be.

High points? Working with an amazing crew. Also, without sounding too “gushy” being involved with a tour of this stature. Phil Collins last tour was in 2005, a 13year absence from performing on this level meant this tour had a very special feel to it. An amazing artist, a truly fabulous band and a wonderful crew – this is a major accolade for Matrix and of course for me professionally.

Low points? Late motor points and dealing with US visa issues for one of the lads

Favourite point?  Sleeping – this was in short supply

What is next? Australia/NZ…can’t wait!

Matrix make it LIVE for Phil Collins…in the US!

Matrix are delighted to announce the recent appointment to supply their PPU, camera systems and LED on the North American segment of the Phil Collins tour… ‘PHIL COLLINS NOT DEAD YET, LIVE!’

This is the first tour Phil has performed in the US for 12 years. The North American leg forms part of the Worldwide tour running for three weeks from 3-28 October. The shows begin in Fort Lauderdale travelling up the east coast to Canada, then crossing the US and ending with a show at The Forum, LA – all in all 15 shows in 25 days.

A high-profile tour Matrix are proud to be working on, one that has seen Matrix’s Ruary Macphie collaborate closely with in-house departments and Phil Collins production team. The tour will feature Phil being supported by his amazing 14 strong band – including 17-year-old Nicolas Collins on the Drums. The acclaimed band and Phil will be accompanied by a range of Matrix supplied equipment – most notable is the PPU, camera systems and LED inventory.

The Matrix PPU with Ross Carbonite Mixer will work alongside a seven-camera package to ensure optimum artist coverage. Consisting of four operated cameras using Matrix’s recently purchased Sony HSC 100 EFP cameras. The remaining three channels will include a Sony Robo camera and two Marshall lipstick cameras to augment the cut. Camera positions include front of house, a camera track system in the pit and stage right hand-held camera.

Matrix will supply 460 panels of 5.9mm LED product. These are split between a main up-stage surface, mid-stage and Imag screens. All content will run via a Catalyst media server and be controlled with a Grand MA2 Lite Desk. In addition to the LED elements Matrix will also supply a pair of Christie Boxer 2k 30 projectors placed at the front of house, used to display still images of Phil throughout his years in the music industry.

Ruary states “Matrix has recently invested in a significant quantity of SONY camera systems, four of which will be on this tour. To see these out on the upcoming Phil Collins concerts, along with our PPU is great. The cutting-edge technology along with the LED will provide a superb backdrop with comprehensive clear coverage of Phil and the band – to enhance the audience’s visual experience. Can’t wait to get on the road and bring it all to life”!

📸 Patrick Balls

Requirement for European freelancers

Matrix needs experienced European based freelance technicians for future projects…please get in touch… [email protected]


Matrix benötigt erfahrene, in Europa ansässige, freiberufliche Techniker für zukünftige Projekte … bitte setzen Sie sich in Verbindung … [email protected]


Matrix heeft ervaren Europese freelancetechnici nodig voor toekomstige projecten … neem contact op met… [email protected]


Matrix necesita experimentados técnicos independientes con sede en Europa para proyectos futuros … póngase en contacto con… [email protected]


Matrix a besoin de techniciens indépendants expérimentés basés en Europe pour de futurs projets … veuillez contacter… [email protected]


Matrix benötigt erfahrene, in Europa ansässige, freiberufliche Techniker für zukünftige Projekte … bitte setzen Sie sich in Verbindung … [email protected]


Amazing new camera systems

Delighted to announce our significant group investment in Systems Cameras.

We have recently purchased 6 channels of the Sony HSC-100 camera system. These will be used to support the Matrix and Anna Valley PPU systems.

We will be working over the next few weeks to package these up into Flight-cases with everything required in a single box – ideal for quick deployment in large venues.

This is a fantastic addition to to our equipment inventory, one that we see Systems Cameras sitting at the heart of our new camera offerings…look forward to posting photos of the cameras in operation in the near future.

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