Our latest recruit…Jack Cunningham

Jack Cunningham has been delivering his role as Project Manager for a few weeks now so, we thought we’d get to know a bit more about our latest recruit with a 2-minute wrap up….

Hello Jack, how are you? Great thanks, life is really good at the moment.

Settling in well and getting used to the Matrix way? Yes, obviously some of the processes are different but in the main I’ve jumped in with both feet and am still afloat so that’s good!

How long have you been in the events industry? I have been in the industry for 8 years and have been working with events for 6 and a half

What was your training in?I went to the BRIT school for performing arts and studied Technical Theatre, covering everything backstage from technical video, audio and lighting to Stage Management

What dream job did you want to do when you were younger? Hard to say but I’m sure Astronaut was top of the list as a kid!

Previous experience?After finishing my course at the BRIT school, I worked with White Light for 7.5 years working across many areas of the business. I was the Manager of the audio and video departments for some time, before finishing as a Project Manager

The best job you’ve delivered? They all tend to blur into one, the more you do. I would say any job that goes off without issues is my best job.

The worst job you’ve delivered and why? It’s always the smaller jobs! When they are smaller, you think they are easier and perhaps you become a little complacent and can miss a simple detail. I definitely spend more time checking the small jobs because of this.

What part of live events appeal to you the most? I personally enjoy the variety. Never knowing what the next day brings is something that excites me, it just so happens the people you work with tend to be great too.

What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time?Absorb as much as you can. When you first start in the industry it can be very daunting, but you have to get stuck in to learn and never stop asking questions.

What are your plans for 2019? I would like to finish the year knowing that I have accomplished enough to be proud of myself – that’s all I aim for.