Phil Collins – 60 second wrap up

How did it go? Phil Collins Tour went very well – no issues what’s so ever, an amazing big tick for team Matrix.

Did the kit perform as expected? The PPU and LED is built and designed to deliver a “tour” of this calibre – it was a breeze to be honest. We also managed to produce a top technical show with a nice compact PPU.

What advice would you give? Kit needs to be contained in good well-made boxes to protect it. Cutting corners costs you time and money in the long run. Sometimes, what will be will be – go with it and if Plan A doesn’t work think on your feet and make a plan B…C…D if need be.

High points? Working with an amazing crew. Also, without sounding too “gushy” being involved with a tour of this stature. Phil Collins last tour was in 2005, a 13year absence from performing on this level meant this tour had a very special feel to it. An amazing artist, a truly fabulous band and a wonderful crew – this is a major accolade for Matrix and of course for me professionally.

Low points? Late motor points and dealing with US visa issues for one of the lads

Favourite point?  Sleeping – this was in short supply

What is next? Australia/NZ…can’t wait!