Project Name:

Phil Collins Not Dead Yet, Live! Tour

Client: Phil Collins

Outline: Matrix’s Ruary Macphie collaborated closely with in-house departments and Phil Collins’ production team to enhance the audience's visual experience with a superb LED backdrop featuring comprehensive coverage of Phil and the band.

Over a total 18 weeks and 93 shows, Phil and the acclaimed band were accompanied by a range of Matrix supplied equipment - most notably the PPU, camera systems, disguise video server and LED inventory.

Detail: The Matrix PPU with Ross Carbonite Mixer worked alongside a seven-camera package to ensure optimum artist coverage. Four of these cameras were manned EFPs and the remaining three channels included a Robo camera and two lipstick cameras to augment the cut. Camera positions included front of house, a camera track system in the pit and stage right hand-held camera.

Matrix also supplied 460 panels of 5.9mm LED product. These were split between a main up-stage surface, mid-stage and Imag screens. All content ran via a media server and was controlled with a lighting desk. A pair of 2Kprojectors were also placed at the front of house to display still images of Phil throughout his years in the music industry.

Technology: - PPU with vision mixing desk
- EFP cameras
- Robo cameras
- Lipstick cameras
- 460 panels of 5.9mm LED video
- Media server
- Lighting desk
- 2K Projectors

Phil Collins' last tour was in 2005, so a 13-year absence from performing at this level meant this tour had a very special feel to it. An amazing artist, a truly fabulous band and a wonderful crew – this is a major accolade for Matrix and, of course, for me professionally.

Ruary Macphie - Touring Project Manager