Project Name:

Randox exhibition at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Client: Collaborate Global

Outline: Matrix helped Collaborate Global create a stand-out, interactive exhibition for Randox Health at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from 29 June – 8 July 2019. The healthcare brand was unveiling a ground-breaking new test, which improves the accuracy of stroke diagnosis, in the Future Lab of the renowned car show and were looking for an innovative and interactive way to demonstrate the process. As the only non-car related product on show, Randox needed a stand that would attract attention and offer an exceptional visitor experience.

Detail: Matrix provided over 300 panels of LED to construct the walls and floor of the Randox set, creating an immersive, digital environment. The content displayed on these screens was high-tech and futuristic, with interactive elements designed to encourage active engagement with the product and health information.

Visitors taking position on a set of digital footprints on the LED floor were transformed into digital particle avatars that mimicked their movements on the adjoining LED wall. The Matrix team achieved this by using cameras with depth sensors to capture isolated footage of the visitors and then manipulated this footage in real time in Notch to create and display the digital avatars.
The Matrix team also turned a section of the LED wall into a touch screen, using touch sensors to allow visitors to physically select which content they’d like to see next from an interactive menu.

Technology: Matrix and parent company, Anna Valley, provided :
- LED walls
- LED flooring
- Media servers running Notch software
- Depth sensors and touch screen technology
- Technical support throughout the event

The past four days have been a great success and each of our clients are very happy. Thanks to you and your team for making this happen. They have been excellent. Very knowledgeable and also great with the clients.

Collaborate Global