Project Name:

TM Forum Digital Transformation World Series 2020

Client: TM Forum

Outline: TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World Series 2020 took place over six weeks and was designed as a magazine-style current affairs TV show that spanned several time zones. The show was hosted by two anchors and a selection of expert panellists from a dynamic set featuring LED backdrops, live and pre-recorded video feeds and a mix of content delivered in bite-sized chunks. This virtual conference was designed to maximise collaboration and exemplified digital transformation.

Detail: The show was hosted from a three-camera, purpose-built, 16-meter-wide studio at Anna Valley’s headquarters. Live video contributions were made via video conferencing and Quicklink feeds and pre-recorded segments capture using OBS software. With 16-18 sources going back and forth at any one time – it was the volume of these contributions over the extended timescale that made this project both logistically and technically complex. The Matrix and Anna Valley teams provided full system design, technical support, equipment and crew for the series, with Matrix also managing the stringent health and safety requirements for working during Covid-19 restrictions.

Technology: - Studio space at Anna Valley’s headquarters, including gallery and production office.
- 3m x 2m 2.5mm LED set feature.
- 86-inch LCD displays.
- 65-inch Live feed display
- Camera channels with a variety of grips including tracks, jibs and studio peds.
- Media servers for control of presentation content, pre-recorded and live feeds.
- Upwards of 10 laptops
- Routing
- Showcomms
- Technical direction, health and safety and Covid-19 compliance

We're used to stages and conference settings, but not the world of TV, as it were. And so, we've really relied heavily on the technical expertise and production and incredible production quality from the Matrix / Anna Valley team and from Common Ground, who've worked with us in the production on everything from the enormous logistical challenge of recording so many speakers over so many weeks through to making sure that we're really getting the right flow and feel and visual impression and the right experience for the audience. So, I can only say to Matrix, Anna Valley and to Common Ground a big thank you for being such wonderful partners to us, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend that partnership to others.

Nik Willetts, TM Forum CEO